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Top 3 Tips for Winter Driving

Published on Jan 16, 2024 at 5:02 pm in Car Accidents.

Top 3 Tips for Winter Driving

As someone who resides in Illinois, whether you live in Morris, LaSalle, Peru, Ottawa, or Chicago, you likely have experienced your fair share of winter weather driving. Even though you might have operated your vehicle in these conditions a lot over the years, it doesn’t mean that you’ve become any more comfortable in doing so.

While you may have assimilated different tips with your own over the years to deal with different driving obstacles efficiently, you’re likely eager to learn any other winter driving ones that can make you feel a bit safer on the road.

We’ve combed through reports featuring recommendations and honed-in on the top three safety tips for winter driving. We’ll share those with you here.

How Often Do Drivers Run Red Lights?

Published on Dec 23, 2022 at 4:11 pm in Car Accidents.

How Often Do Drivers Run Red Lights
One of the first things you learn about driving is how traffic lights work. This is an easy concept most of us are taught as children. Green means go, yellow means slow down, and red means stop. As we get older, we also learn that there are more nuances than that.

Green means go when it is safe to do so. When the traffic light is yellow, you should slow down and stop unless you are too close to the intersection to do so safely. You should always stop at a red light, although you are allowed to make a right turn on red in some cases.

Why Are Elderly Drivers Commonly Involved in Car Accidents?

Published on Dec 9, 2022 at 6:20 pm in Car Accidents.

What Are the Common Reasons Why Elderly Drivers Are Involved in Car Accidents
If you regularly watch the news, you’ve probably seen many stories about elderly motorists running into other vehicles, stationary objects, and people. Issues like these aren’t anything new. Reports like these have been circulating for what seems like forever.

Many studies have launched over the years where researchers have sought to determine how a person’s age may affect their driving abilities. There have also been proposed initiatives that have come and gone without receiving majority support to restrict our aging relatives’ vehicle operation rights.

How Can I Spot a Sleepy Driver on the Road?

Published on Aug 26, 2022 at 4:30 pm in Car Accidents.

How Can I Spot a Sleepy Driver on the Road?
How many times have you felt exhausted after a late night out at a party, concert, sporting event, or after pulling a double shift at work yet drove yourself home? You may have even found yourself in such a predicament because an emergency occurred, or you ventured out to render aid to a friend or family member in need of your help. Some people even stay out longer on the road than they probably should in hopes of reaching a certain landmark on schedule as they drive somewhere.

No matter your reason for being out on the road, most of us probably wouldn’t want to find ourselves out there beyond the point we’re feeling our best. Sadly, some people allow themselves to constantly run on empty and then get behind the wheel of their cars regularly, endangering their lives and everyone else who is in their car or in their path on the road.

What If a Third Party Is Involved in a Car Accident?

Published on Apr 5, 2022 at 12:29 pm in Car Accidents.

person signing documents

There is a general tendency to think of a car accident as a situation involving two drivers—and for one to assume that liability (who’s at fault) belongs to one of those two directly-involved motorists. It’s commonly believed that one driver is at fault, and the other is a victim.

Some situations arise where another party is partially or fully responsible for the collision. It’s even possible that the at-fault party wasn’t even at the scene of the accident. This outside party, a person or group not directly involved in the crash, is known as a third party. When can a third party be held liable for damages from a car accident?

How Do Seat Belts Reduce and Prevent Serious Injuries?

Published on Feb 28, 2022 at 3:55 pm in Car Accidents.

seat belt over driver

Putting on a seat belt should be second nature when getting in a car. Despite this, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that around 27 million Americans still drive or ride without their seatbelts.

Research clearly shows that seat belts reduce and prevent serious injuries. In the event of a car accident, you will never regret having an added layer of safety and protection.

What Lasting Damage Can Whiplash Cause?

Published on Feb 11, 2022 at 5:56 pm in Car Accidents.

What Lasting Damage Can Whiplash Cause
Because of its reputation as a minor injury, some people have a tendency to be dismissive of the serious effects of whiplash. It’s not uncommon for patients to try to ignore the pain and “push through,” thinking the symptoms they are experiencing shouldn’t impact their daily routine. But the neck injury known as whiplash has been known to cause complications that can persist for months or even years. As with any injury, every case is unique. And this is especially true for a condition prominent medical institutions across the country refer to as “poorly understood” and “not well understood.”

While the prognosis for whiplash is generally good, there are some cases in which patients suffer lasting pain and damage. Let’s look more closely at the nature, causes, and symptoms of whiplash, along with its potential long-term effects.

How to Avoid Drunk Drivers

Published on Jan 17, 2022 at 8:46 am in Car Accidents.

Driver at night

Drunk driving is illegal. Unfortunately, people still decide to get behind the wheel while intoxicated every day. It’s not only dangerous to them—it’s dangerous and deadly for everyone else on the road as well. Their reckless decision could be the difference between life and death for another person.

How Much Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage Should I Have in Illinois?

Published on Dec 10, 2021 at 11:59 am in Car Accidents.

People going over form with calculator

Careful drivers in Illinois are aware that there are many uninsured and underinsured motorists on the roads of our state. If one of those uninsured or underinsured drivers causes an accident that injures someone, there is no safety net in place to cover the victim’s losses. When a driver violates our state’s minimum insurance requirements, every person who shares the road with them is at risk. And in many cases, the bare minimum for insurance coverage is insufficient to cover the immense medical bills and property damage expenses that may be incurred in a collision.

What Happens If I Get Into an Accident in Someone Else’s Car?

Published on Nov 30, 2021 at 12:27 pm in Car Accidents.

Person driving car

In some scenarios, you might not have your own car to drive, and your friend lets you borrow theirs. Whether yours is in the shop, you’re in between owning vehicles, or you just don’t have one in general, it’s extremely generous of a friend or family member to allow you to borrow their car. You’re already feeling thankful that they trust you with their vehicle, so what happens if you get into an accident while driving their car?

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