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Peru Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When your aging or disabled loved one went to a nursing home, you thought you were getting peace of mind. This person was now in the care of people who are trained and experienced to meet their needs. Yet in too many cases, nursing homes fail to meet those responsibilities. Abuse and neglect can cause devastating injuries to people when they are at their most vulnerable. Sometimes the abuse or neglect results in the death of a nursing home resident, and you may have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Your family deserves justice. You need an experienced Peru nursing home abuse lawyer on your side. Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP has been standing up for families throughout the Illinois Valley for decades. If your loved one was hurt in a nursing home, we can help. Contact us right away.

We Have Experience Handling a Broad Range of Nursing Home Cases

Some of the types of abuse and neglect we handle include:

  • Bed sores: These painful sores form on elderly people’s bodies when nursing home staff members fail to turn them regularly. Bed sores, left untreated, can become infected and lead to serious illness or death. They are also a good indicator of neglect in general.
  • Medication errors: Nursing home staff are required to give residents all of their medications as required. Because elderly residents are often on multiple medications, a single wrong dose can lead to dangerous drug interactions.
  • Falls: Elderly people are quite vulnerable to breaking bones and sustaining other serious injuries when they fall. Nursing home workers are responsible both for preventing falls and for taking appropriate steps when residents do get hurt.
  • Physical abuse: Sometimes, nursing home staff directly abuse residents. In other cases, residents commit acts of abuse against other residents that the staff do not intervene to stop. Physical abuse can cause serious injuries along with intense emotional trauma.
  • Emotional abuse: Not all abuse is physical in nature. Nursing home staff may cause residents serious harm through humiliation, yelling and other forms of verbal aggression. Or residents may be isolated and neglected, leading to emotional trauma.
  • Sexual abuse: In some cases, nursing home staff take advantage of residents’ vulnerability; in others, residents are able to abuse each other due to staff neglect. Sexual abuse can leave emotional as well as physical wounds that permanently affect the resident.
  • Financial exploitation: Nursing home residents are vulnerable financially as well as physically. Staff at the nursing home may double-bill for services, bill for services not actually rendered, or even steal residents’ identities.

Legal cases involving nursing home abuse and neglect can be especially challenging. The victim and any witnesses may not be able to remember or enunciate what happened. The nursing home may try to conceal or destroy evidence. With over 120 years of experience, our injury attorneys can cut through all of that confusion.

Your case is about much more than money. It’s about finding justice for your family and making sure other families don’t have to suffer as you have. If your loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home, we would be honored to hear your story. Contact us for a free consultation.

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