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Why Did Illinois Pedestrian Deaths Increase in 2021?

Published on May 6, 2022 at 12:04 pm in Pedestrian Accidents.

Why Did Illinois Pedestrian Deaths Increase in 2021
Pedestrian travel does not guarantee safe arrival.  There are dangers wherever we walk or get out for exercise.  Between navigating cracked sidewalks, searching for crosswalks, and dodging cars in areas with little to no pedestrian infrastructure, a leisurely stroll can lead to danger while you are on your way to your intended destination.

With advances in vehicle technology and heightened pedestrian safety awareness, you might think that anyone traveling on foot, in a wheelchair, or with the use of a mobility aid would at least face better conditions than in the past. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In a troubling trend, pedestrian fatalities are on the rise in Illinois and across the rest of the country.

SGKR Sponsoring Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp Baseball Team

Published on May 4, 2022 at 3:17 pm in News.

As midwesterners, many of us look forward to the spring season as the beginning of warmer weather days after a long, bitterly cold winter. We also eagerly anticipate this time of the year because it marks the kickoff of baseball season. Here at Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP (SGKR), we’re proud to announce our sponsorship of the Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp baseball team for the 2022 season.

The Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp is a collegiate summer league that plays home games at Schweickert Stadium at Veterans Memorial Park in Peru, IL. Appointment to this Prospect League Eastern Conference team allows top-tier college athletes to gain a unique insight into how the professional baseball industry functions without it impacting their National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) qualified status.

Michael Krzak Seeks Justice for Injury Victim of Delivery Vehicle Accident

Published on Apr 20, 2022 at 3:20 pm in Firm News.

One of Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP’s founding partners, Michael Krzak, is representing Alejandro Perez, a male motorist. He was unexpectedly struck by an Amazon delivery driver while waiting at an Evanston intersection two years ago during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Perez continues to face significant functional impairments, including difficulty kneeling and standing, despite undergoing lower back surgery for his injuries soon after the accident.

Does Ice Increase the Chances of a Jackknife Accident?

Published on Apr 13, 2022 at 3:03 pm in Truck Accidents.

truck at sunrise

When news stations show winter weather accidents, you’ll often see your fair share of crashes involving trucks. Many times you’ll see trucks that flipped over as they attempted to pass another motorist or round a circle turn when transitioning from one interstate to another. On some occasions, you’ll catch a glimpse of a rare phenomenon that is a jackknife incident.

What If a Third Party Is Involved in a Car Accident?

Published on Apr 5, 2022 at 12:29 pm in Car Accidents.

person signing documents

There is a general tendency to think of a car accident as a situation involving two drivers—and for one to assume that liability (who’s at fault) belongs to one of those two directly-involved motorists. It’s commonly believed that one driver is at fault, and the other is a victim.

Some situations arise where another party is partially or fully responsible for the collision. It’s even possible that the at-fault party wasn’t even at the scene of the accident. This outside party, a person or group not directly involved in the crash, is known as a third party. When can a third party be held liable for damages from a car accident?

How Much Slower Should Trucks Travel in Wintery Conditions?

Published on Apr 5, 2022 at 11:55 am in Truck Accidents.

snow on trucks

As Illinois drivers, we are all too familiar with the winter weather and how it can make driving more dangerous than during the warmer summer months. It is not just up to passenger vehicle drivers to exercise caution in unsafe driving conditions, though. Big rig and, semi-tractor trailer and other truck drivers also need to do their part to keep everyone on the roads safe during wintertime.

There are many actions that truck drivers can take to be safer, but perhaps one of the most important is to simply slow down. But exactly how much slower should trucks travel in wintery conditions? That depends on what type of weather and road conditions a driver is presented with. However, one important piece of advice sticks out—slower is almost always better.

Michael Krzak Co-Authors Chapter in Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts (Fifth Edition)

Published on Mar 18, 2022 at 10:03 am in News.

Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP law firm’s own Michael S. Krzak recently co-authored Chapter 129 in Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts (Fifth Edition). This influential law text provides guidance on all phases of litigation in an 18-volume set. Chapter 129 focuses specifically on aviation law. More information about how to purchase a hardbound or e-book version of Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts (Fifth Edition) can be found here.

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