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Peru Wrongful Death Lawyer

Unexpectedly losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences you can go through. While you’re trying to mourn the loss, you’re also forced to readjust to life and find your new normal. The sudden change may feel worse if someone else was at fault for your loved one’s death. If this is the case, you should contact a Peru wrongful death lawyer. Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP is an experienced firm that believes in standing up for our clients’ rights. We’ll fight for compensation that could provide some closure for the loss and stability to your financial future.

If your loved one was hospitalized for their injuries, they may have incurred significant medical bills. You shouldn’t have to try to find a way to pay those expenses and still keep up with your other financial responsibilities all on your own, especially if you depended on your loved one’s income. This is where our attorneys step in. We’ll do everything possible to get you compensation that will help cover these costs.

How Does Wrongful Death Occur?

A party exhibiting negligence or recklessness could cause a fatal accident. These tragedies are often sudden and preventable. At Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP our main goal is to protect a family’s legal right to hold the responsible party accountable for compensation. While we’ve helped with many kinds of wrongful death cases, here are some common ones:

Motor vehicle accidents cause fatal accidents because of inattentive or aggressive drivers, but accidents can happen in the workplace, too. Construction workers often work in hazardous areas with heavy, complicated equipment. When safety isn’t the first priority, workers can be involved in accidents that cost them their lives.

There may be instances where an individual isn’t solely responsible for your loved one’s death. A negligent company could have put a harmful product on the market, whether it’s a drug, household item, or a medical device. If the products have flaws, they could be the reason why your loved one lost their life. A negligent trucking company could put an unsafe vehicle on the road or push their drivers to work beyond the allowable number of hours and are fatigued.

Going up against a company can be intimidating, but we won’t let a large company ignore what they’ve done. If a company’s negligence has caused your loved one’s death, our lawyers will investigate the incident and search for evidence of their wrongdoing. We’re not afraid to stand up to companies and hold them accountable for their actions.

Illinois Wrongful Death Laws

According to Illinois wrongful death law, when a wrongful act or neglect takes someone’s life, the family can seek compensation from the responsible party. A personal representative will bring the claim forward. Those who can receive benefits include:

  • The deceased’s spouse
  • The deceased’s next of kin

If the accident had caused severe injury but not death, then the victim would have likely filed a claim against the negligent party for injuries and damages. A claim brought under the Survival Act allows the family to do this on their loved one’s behalf.

You should be aware that there are statutes of limitations that apply to wrongful death action. While it’s common for people to have two years from the date of their loved one’s death, this may not always be the case. Filing a wrongful death claim after the statute of limitations has passed puts the claim in jeopardy. There’s a chance it will be automatically dismissed. This is why it’s essential to meet with a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible so you know you’re filing within the timetable.

While you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of filing a claim, it may benefit you in the future. Let’s look into how a wrongful death claim can help you.

What Damages Can You Recover with a Wrongful Death Claim?

Your lawyers in Peru will fight to get your family the compensation you deserve. We understand that while a claim won’t bring your loved one back, it can provide financial relief and peace of mind. We can help you recover damages for:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical bills from staying in the hospital, treatments, or surgeries (if brought pursuance to the Survival Act)

These damages would fall under the economic category. However, there is another side to a wrongful death case, the noneconomic damages. Losing a loved one takes a monumental toll on a family. Many responsibilities that used to be split could now fall on you, like maintaining a household or raising children. This aspect of a wrongful death isn’t ignored. Your settlement could also include damages for:

  • Grief, sorrow, and mental suffering
  • Loss of love, companionship, care, and guidance
  • The victim’s pain and suffering (if brought pursuance to the Survival Act)

Our experienced lawyers have helped families with their claims. Since these cases are often complex and have much at stake, you want to have trusted representation at your side. The insurance company will likely try to save as much money as possible because their main goal is to protect their bottom line. They may take steps to try to minimize your compensation. Our Peru attorneys won’t let the insurance company get away with this and we’ll fight to get you full compensation.

Meeting with a Peru Attorney

We know that you’re going through a difficult time and need help. We can provide information about your legal options and ways for you to move forward. All you have to do is call our firm for a consultation.

With our lawyers at your side, you’ll know that a legal professional is protecting your right to fair compensation no matter what. We will prepare your case as if it is going to trial and be prepared to try the case if the insurance company does not willingly offer sufficient compensation for your loss.

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