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SGKR Sponsoring Hometown Hero Sweepstakes

Published on Jul 31, 2020 at 7:28 pm in Firm News.

Barista crossing arms outside shop

Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP is a personal injury law firm in Peru, IL. We’re proud to be part of this community and support it whenever we can. We’re sponsoring Hometown National Bank’s Hometown Hero Sweepstakes to help show our appreciation for those who do so much for our community.

Everyone has someone they look up to in their life. It could be your favorite teacher that taught you how to write the perfect essay or your doctor who has helped you feel better when you’re sick. These people may not realize what they’ve done for us, but we understand that our lives wouldn’t be the same without them. We feel grateful to have these people in our lives and wish to express this gratitude, but we may not know how to do that. That’s what the Hometown Hero Sweepstakes is for.

We’re encouraging you to nominate someone in your life who has had a positive impact. You simply provide the hero’s name, zip code, phone number, their email address, and answer the question, “Why is this person your Hometown Hero?” You also need to confirm that you have permission from the person to nominate them as your Hometown Hero.

The best part about this sweepstakes is that multiple heroes can receive gifts. For the five semi-finalists, they’ll get a $50 gift card. The grand prize will be one person winning a shopping spree at the Peru HyVee. These prizes will be sure to put a smile on your Hometown Hero’s face and their fantastic contribution to helping others will be recognized. Nominations are due by Friday, August 14th. The sooner you submit your nomination, the better!

Our law firm is one of the sponsors of this event so we can give back to our community. With our sponsorship, we can help you nominate your Hometown Hero so they have a chance of winning the sweepstakes. We’re looking forward to seeing the semi-finalists and the winner to find out more about the hardworking, passionate citizens of Peru, IL.

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