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Understanding Workers’ Compensation Hearings

Our Law Firm Stands by You Every Step of the Way

If you have been denied workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace accident in Illinois, you have the right to appeal. But the appeals process can be confusing, and a strong case must be presented in order to get the decision to deny benefits overturned. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP have the knowledge and experience needed to push your case forward during all hearings.

A hearing can be very intimidating. You may be asked to testify, and asked to answer specific questions about your injury and illness. These questions may not be easy to answer off the top of your head. With an experienced attorney on your side, you won’t have to feel that pressure.

An Experienced Lawyer Will Help You Prepare for Your Hearing

Preparation is vital when presenting a case during a hearing. We can help you prepare a timeline of your accident, injury and medical treatment that gathers all the facts in one place. This can help you remember important details so you can easily answer any questions asked of you during the hearing.

We can also help you keep track of any symptoms you are still experiencing that are related to your workplace accident. If you still have limitations because of your injury, that should be noted at the hearing.

Witness testimony can also be valuable when presenting your case. We can help identify any witnesses to your accident or medical treatment and interview them to get their accounts of what happened.

In addition, we will gather all evidence that helps prove your case. This includes accident reports, medical records, prescriptions and mileage requests related to your treatment.

With an Attorney on Your Side, You’ll Know What to Expect

Our attorneys will also sit down with you to talk about what to expect during the hearing. We’ll prepare you for your testimony and answer any questions you have about the process. In general, it’s best to arrive early for the hearing, dressed nicely. And while the employer and insurance company want to deny you benefits, it’s very important to be cooperative.

There can be many reasons why your claim was denied. We’ll find out why and build a strong case that proves you should be receiving benefits. Our attorneys are prepared to fight for you all the way.

We have vast amounts of experience helping injured workers with hearings. Learn more about how we can help you. Contact us today.

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