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Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

We Help Workers Who Have Been Injured On-The-Job

People get hurt in workplace accidents every year. In the state of Illinois, injured workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help them pay medical expenses and recover some of their lost wages. But there are different types of benefits that apply to workers in different situations, and the application process can be complicated.

In general, workers injured on the job in the state of Illinois may be eligible for these benefits:

Medical care: You are entitled to 100% coverage of all necessary medical treatment for the injury or illness you suffered at the workplace.

Temporary total disability: If you are unable to return to work because of your injury, you are eligible to receive two-thirds of your wages during the time you are out.

Temporary partial disability: You may be able to return to work, but only on light duty-either on a part-time basis, or full-time at a lower rate. This benefit provides two-thirds of the difference in your pay during this time.

Vocational rehabilitation: If your injury leaves you unable to return to your previous job, you are eligible to receive training and education for a new job, as well as job search counseling and placement services.

Permanent partial disability: You may be eligible for this benefit if your injury has left you with a permanent disability and unable to do the same things you could do before the accident. Depending on your situation, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission uses four different methods to calculate this type of benefit: wage differential, scheduled injury, percentage of loss of a person as a whole and disfigurement.

Permanent total disability: If you are left with a permanent disability that makes it impossible for you to work, or if you experience the loss of more than one body part, you may be eligible for this benefit. It provides you with a lifetime weekly benefit equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wage before the accident.

Death benefits: If you are a family member of a worker killed in a workplace accident, you may be eligible to receive burial expenses and survival benefits, which are generally two-thirds of the worker’s salary in the year before the accident.

The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP can help you navigate the process to get the benefits you need and deserve.

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