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Peru Toxic Exposure Lawyer

Hazardous wastes and chemicals are created and used in multiple industries every day. The workers in these industries may face chemical exposure if safety precautions aren’t in place. But these aren’t the only people who may deal with toxic exposure. You can absorb dangerous chemicals through breathing contaminated air or drinking polluted water. Chemicals can also leach into soil and affect food. While reactions or health issues usually requires long-term exposure, this isn’t always the case and everyone can respond to toxic exposure in different ways.

No matter how the exposure happened, toxins can cause serious health conditions that will need treatment. If you or a loved one has faced toxic exposure in Peru, you should seek your legal options. Getting in touch with a Peru toxic exposure lawyer from Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP could put you on the path to financial peace of mind.

Where Can Toxic Exposure Occur?

Many people work in environments that contain hazardous chemicals. Workers in the following industries may have been exposed to dangerous substances:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical processing labs

While companies are supposed to have safety measures to prevent their workers from exposure, this doesn’t always happen. Workers who are facing health complications because they were exposed to toxins on the job deserve to have their voices heard. You may be facing serious injuries and may be struggling to get the proper benefits that you’re owed. Our work accident lawyers can help you get justice.

Toxic exposure can also happen in areas where you wouldn’t expect. When trains or trucks are transporting toxic substances, the drivers could be involved in an accident that leads to the substances getting out of the vehicle and into the environment. Depending on the state of the substance, it can get into the air, seep into the ground, or cause a fire.

When these accidents happen, the residents in the surrounding area rarely have time to react or may not be able to do anything. While a clean-up will occur, this doesn’t guarantee the safety of the area—once the chemicals are in the environment, it could be too late.

Recent Toxic Accidents:

In Beach Park, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, an ammonia leak occurred in April 2019. About 37 people had to be hospitalized and residents within a one mile radius of the leak were told to shut their doors and windows.

The anhydrous ammonia leak came from two-ton containers that a tractor was towing. As the ammonia leaked into the environment, it formed a cloud over Beach Park. Anhydrous ammonia can cause burns, blisters, and affect breathing. If someone has a high exposure for too long, it can be fatal.

Another toxic accident affected residents of Madison County, when toxic dust spilled on the Illinois 140. The waste hauling company didn’t clean up all of the dust—leaving residents to deal with decontamination, which included washing food from their gardens and cleaning off cars. The residents may be dealing with exposure and not even realize the effect it’s having or will have on their health.

Toxins can cause a number of issues that could potentially alter the way you live your life. Our toxic exposure attorneys have experience in gathering evidence and seeing how your health was affected. Copies of medical records will show what the toxins have done and how it’s changed your life—whether it’s you no longer being able to work, having to undergo strenuous treatments, or can no longer participate in activities or hobbies you enjoyed. While this can be emotionally difficult, your lawyer will stand by your side and help you get compensation for what you’ve been through.

How Does Toxic Exposure Affect Health?

Harmful chemicals affect your body’s systems in different ways. Some may show immediate, painful reactions while others show no symptoms but present themselves as serious illnesses years later. The Agency for Toxic and Disease Registry (ATSDR) breaks down how certain contaminants affect your body and where these chemicals can be found.

Nervous System: When this system is harmed, you may have issues with mobility, strength, memory, speech, sight, and may feel confused.

  • Arsenic—found in pressure treated wood.
  • Carbon monoxide—found in car exhaust or furnaces that aren’t vented.
  • Cadmium—found in discarded batteries.

Respiratory System: Toxins that hurt your respiratory system can cause asbestosis, lung cancer, bronchitis, and decreased oxygen in blood.

  • Asbestos—found in insulation.
  • Soot—found in furnaces and wood burning stoves.
  • Radon—found in the ground.

Immune System: When the immune system is affected, it can slow down or fail to work. Sometimes, the body may have an autoimmune response, which is when the body attacks itself.

  • Lead—found in old paint and old plumbing systems.
  • Pesticides—found on unwashed fruits and vegetables.
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)—found in cigarette smoke and vehicle exhaust.

Cardiovascular System: A compromised cardiovascular system risks heart failure and poor circulation.

  • Nitrates—found in fertilizers.
  • Methylene chloride—found in auto part cleaners and paint removers.
  • Carbon monoxide

Skin: Direct contact can harm your skin. You may notice a rash, redness, or discoloration.

  • Mercury—found in thermostats and thermometers.
  • Nickel—found in cement.
  • VOC (volatile organic compounds)—found in gasoline fumes, paint, adhesives, and building supplies.

Exposure may need to occur for years before symptoms of illnesses develop. This could be in the form of cancer, developing other diseases like Parkinson’s, or having seizures. It’s also possible for those who were exposed to have difficulty with pregnancies. Toxic exposure can cause premature birth, low birth weight, and endanger the mother’s and baby’s lives. If you suspect that toxins have affected your or your baby’s health, our lawyers in Illinois may be able to help you.

Get Sound Legal Counsel

We understand that it can be scary to face the outcomes of toxic exposure. The damage may be irreversible and you could be dealing with a pile of medical bills for treatment that’s essential for maintaining your quality of life. We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between getting the treatment you need and putting food on the table.

When someone’s negligent actions have caused you harm, you deserve the chance to take action. Call our firm in Peru today and we can discuss your options. Our lawyers will listen to your case and work to get you the compensation you deserve. You’ll be able to focus on your treatment and your life.

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