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Peru Hospital Workplace Accident Lawyer

Hospitals are busy, chaotic and sometimes dangerous places. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, security guard, receptionist, orderly, cafeteria worker or any other hospital employee, you put your own health at risk in order to help care for others. We take these cases seriously at Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP because we understand how high the stakes are. If you’ve been hurt on the job in a hospital, a Peru hospital workplace accident lawyer at our law firm can help.

Common Types of Accidents in Hospitals

Accidents can happen in any workplace, but there are numerous risk factors in hospitals that can make them especially dangerous places to work. We’ve represented hospital employees who were involved in all of the following work accidents:

Needle Sticks: In hospitals, and particularly in emergency rooms, medical professionals often have to administer medications by injection – and do so quickly. Needle sticks can spread bloodborne illnesses.

Lifting and Overexertion: Nurses often have to move patients, which can include lifting them, helping them walk, or helping them in and out of wheelchairs. This can cause injuries such as sprains and strains.

Slip or Trip and Falls: Hospitals can be chaotic places, especially when they are near or at capacity. Slip and falls are common, whether due to a patient’s bodily fluids or just a spilled drink from the cafeteria. Trip hazards are also common in hospitals as walkways become cluttered with medical equipment and other debris.

Disease Exposure: It goes without saying that hospitals are full of germs – people go there because they’re sick! Even with proper infection prevention protocols in place, it’s possible for hospital workers to catch diseases from patients.

Workplace Violence: People who go to the hospital are often in crisis and may lash out at doctors, nurses or staff. Whether an act of violence is committed by a patient, a visitor or an employee, victims can sustain brain injuries, broken bones, lacerations and other injuries.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Hospital workers are at risk of mental injuries, as well as physical injuries. They may witness traumatic events or experience secondary trauma while treating patients who are victims of violence or abuse.

Keep in mind that hospitals are open 24/7 and have medical professionals working very long shifts. Exhaustion further contributes to the risk of accidents and exacerbates injuries when they do occur.

A Law Firm You Can Trust When Your Health is On the Line

Like all employees in the state of Illinois, hospital workers are entitled to workers’ compensation when they are hurt on the job. That includes 100 percent of the cost of all reasonable and necessary medical treatment for your injury, as well as partial replacement of your lost wages if you can’t work or need to take on a “light duty” position due to your injury.

Getting the benefits you need after a work accident, though, can be a challenging process. That’s why you need Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP on your side. Our attorneys know the law in Illinois and have extensive experience guiding injured healthcare professionals through the workers’ compensation process. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with an experienced hospital accident attorney.

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