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What To Do After A Truck Accident

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  1. COLLECT information at the scene!
    • Remember, the trucking company will send investigators right away.
    • You need all of the following:
      • Trucker's name and license plate number 
      • Name, address and phone number for the trucking company
      • Names and contact information for any witnesses
      • Name and badge number of investigating police officer
    • Take PICTURES of the accident scene, including SKID MARKS, any VISIBLE INJURIES and PROPERTY DAMAGE.
    • Stick to the FACTS of what happened. Don't say anything admitting fault.
  2. SEEK medical attention right away, even if you feel fine! 
    • Truck accidents often cause INTERNAL INJURIES or BRAIN DAMAGE that may have delayed onset symptoms.
    • DOCUMENT every medical appointment, including mileage and travel time.
  3. CALL an attorney right away,
    • Your attorney needs to work immediately to secure critical EVIDENCE for your claim, such as the truck's "black box" data and hours-of-service log.
  4. NOTIFY your insurance company of the accident.
    • Without timely notification, they may deny your claim. BUT
    • Stick to the facts of what happened - don't say anything admitting fault.
  5. Do NOT speak to the trucking company or their insurance company!
    • If they call you, decline to answer their questions and ask them to talk to your attorney.
    • Never give a written or recorded statement without consulting your attorney first.

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