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Ottawa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

While motorcyclists often ride their bikes because of the freedom the vehicle provides, there’s also a considerable amount of risk that comes with riding a motorcycle. Motorcyclists have less safety features to protect themselves in an accident. This exposure is what makes motorcycle accidents so dangerous. Any collision can quickly become life-threatening. Recovering from these injuries takes time and the costs of medical bills can be high. An Ottawa motorcycle accident lawyer from Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP will fight for you to recover the financial losses of the wreck.

Illinois motorcyclists deserve to know they have options after being in a motorcycle collision. It can be an incredibly confusing time, especially when insurance adjusters get involved. They may try to convince you to settle, well before you know the full extent of your injuries. While you may want to handle the legal matter quickly so you can focus on your recovery, an early settlement could mean getting less than what you deserve. This could lead you into financial trouble later when you need to afford medical care.

This is why it’s so important to have representation. Our lawyers can help you with communicating with insurance companies so you don’t give any information that could reduce your potential settlement. We can take the time to figure out what the accident cost you and determine what would be fair compensation. We are prepared to file a lawsuit and take your case to trial.

How Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

When our attorneys in Ottawa look at your case, we’ll investigate the scene of the accident, review the police report, and find out what led to your accident. While there are a few common reasons why the crash may have happened, many of them revolve around the motorist not seeing the motorcyclist.

Cars are much easier to spot on the road than bikers. When a driver is making a turn or changing lanes, they may check for other cars, but they may not spot a motorcyclist. Particularly dangerous areas are intersections when motorists are making left-hand turns. They may turn right into the path of a motorcyclist going through the intersection.

While motorcyclists can drive cautiously, even the safest driver cannot prevent a motorist from driving negligently. Motorcyclists can anticipate being difficult to see, which may result in them giving other cars more space or slowing when a car goes to make a turn. However, negligent motorists need to be held accountable for their actions.

A motorist may be driving while distracted, like paying more attention to their cell phone or food in passenger’s seat than the road in front of them. If they are distracted, they won’t be able to tell if they’re swerving into the lane next to them or if they’re about to hit a motorcyclist in front of them.

Aggressive drivers may tailgate bikers or may speed around them. When a driver does either of these actions, they have less control of their vehicle and won’t have any time to react if the biker in front of them needs to brake quickly. The driver could crash into the back of the motorcycle.

The Consequences of Motorcycle Collisions

Motorcyclists can easily lose their balance, fall off their bikes, and sustain serious injuries. While helmets and long-sleeved clothing can provide some protection, there’s not a lot to absorb the force of a crash.

Motorcyclists can suffer from serious, life-threatening injuries like traumatic brain injury (TBI), internal organ damage, and spinal cord injuries which may result in paralysis. Bikers may also have broken bones or severe lacerations. One of the biggest concerns is road rash, where the motorcyclist’s skin makes contact with the ground. The friction can cause burns. If the burns are severe, there may be permanent nerve damage to the injury site. There’s also an infection risk if dirt, gravel, or other debris gets into the wound.

Some of these injuries can be catastrophic and prevent the injured person from returning to work. This significant lifestyle change can result in a lot of stress for the person and their family. If this has happened to you, our Ottawa lawyers can stand up for you. You deserve a result that will help you get the care you need and help you maintain your quality of life if you can no longer work. Your lawyer will guide you through the difficult claims process. Let’s look into why a motorcycle claim can be complicated.

Why Are Motorcycle Claims Complex?

As the injured party, you may think that filing a claim will be straightforward. However, you may be facing obstacles you didn’t know about. Unfortunately, there is a stereotype that motorcyclists are risk-takers and are probably the cause of the accident. This can lead to a denial of your claim and leave you feeling like you don’t know what to do next.

Your lawyer can help you present a strong claim that shows how the other party acted negligently and caused your injuries.

We Help Motorcycle Injury Victims

The lawyers at Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP are skilled and dedicated to getting justice for their clients. We may be able to help you get the result you deserve so you can focus on your health and regaining a sense of normalcy in your life. To get started on your case, give our firm a call today.

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