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Ottawa Birth Injury Lawyer

When someone brings a baby into the world, it’s often referred to as a miracle, or as one of the greatest joys in life. This day will likely be emotional and overwhelming, but you expect it to end with happiness. Unfortunately, complications can arise during the birthing process. When a delivery team makes mistakes, the mother’s and baby’s health are put at risk. Sometimes, a birth injury could change a baby’s life forever. While learning your baby has an injury is terrifying, you do not have to face it alone, and you have legal options. An Ottawa birth injury lawyer from Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP may be able to help you get justice for your child.

We know how traumatic this experience can be. New parents who are taking care of a baby who suffered a birth injury may feel lost. We’re here to guide you. Birth injuries can result in your child needing a lifetime of affording special medical treatment or other forms of support in order to give them the highest quality of life. Our lawyers will fight for you to get compensation so you can provide your child with the care they need.

While one may think birth injuries only happen during the delivery process, doctors are also supposed to closely monitor the mother’s and fetus’ health during pregnancy. If doctors are negligent during this time, the mother could suffer from certain health conditions that affect the fetus or will make the birthing process more difficult. Let’s learn more about what problems the mother can face.

Dangers to the Mother During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, doctors need to keep many items in mind when it comes to the mother’s health. They need to watch for any symptoms that could put her and her baby in danger. For example, if the mother has health issues before pregnancy, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, then the doctor needs to consider how those issues can affect the pregnancy.

There are also health issues that can arise during pregnancy. For example, the mother may have preeclampsia, which can cause high blood pressure, dizziness, and stomach pain. This usually occurs after the mother has been pregnant for 20 weeks. Delivery cures preeclampsia, but it may be too early to have the baby. If that occurs, the doctor may need to prescribe medication and bed rest to keep the mother’s blood pressure low.

If the mother has high blood sugar levels during pregnancy, she could have gestational diabetes. While a doctor can help prescribe a healthy meal plan, some women may need insulin. If the doctor doesn’t catch this and the mother isn’t able to control the diabetes because she doesn’t know about it, it’s more likely that the baby will be bigger when it’s born. A large baby can make the birthing process difficult—a cesarean section may be required. The baby’s health can be affected as well, such as having low blood sugar.

If you believe your doctor was negligent while providing care for you, reach out to our Ottawa birth injury lawyer. We’ll look into how they treated you and if they missed obvious information that could have prevented the birth injury from occurring.

What Delivery Mistakes Can Harm an Infant?

During delivery, doctors need to pay close attention to the baby’s vitals. If something goes wrong, the team needs to be ready to do everything they can to protect the baby’s health.

Negligence during delivery can happen in the following categories:

  • Mishandling the infant
  • Misuse of birthing tools
  • Failing to recognize symptoms

When the baby is coming through the birth canal, the delivery team needs to make sure the umbilical cord isn’t around the baby’s neck so they can breathe and the baby’s shoulders aren’t getting caught in the pelvic area, which could cause shoulder injuries. If the baby cannot get oxygen, they may suffer from brain damage. The doctor also needs to not mishandle the infant as they’re being delivered. If the doctor pulls or twists the infant, they could cause injuries like fractures.

Sometimes, a doctor needs to use tools to safely help the baby arrive. If they’re untrained or don’t use the tools properly, they could harm the baby. Common birthing tools include forceps and vacuums.

If the doctor failed to recognize signs that the baby needs to be born in an emergency cesarean section, they may put the baby’s health at risk.

Birth injuries can result in mental and physical issues. A baby that suffered from lack of oxygen may have cerebral palsy, or CP. There is no cure for CP. Children with CP may have trouble controlling muscle movements, coordination and balance, and can also result in communication and speech issues as well as developmental issues.

While you may feel scared thinking about how you’re going to provide care for your child, know that you have options. Our birth injury attorney is here for you.

Protecting Your Rights in Illinois

The people who were responsible for your child’s injury should be held liable for their actions and you deserve a resolution that will help you care for your child. We’ll investigate what happened during your child’s delivery and look for evidence of negligence. Our Ottawa attorneys will be at your side throughout the process. You can have peace of mind that we’re looking out for you and your child’s best interests. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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