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Morris Defective Medical Device Lawyer

Whenever you seek medical care, a medical professional may recommend a procedure or treatment that requires the use of a medical device. While these devices are supposed to help medical professionals do their jobs and protect or improve our health, they sometimes cause more health issues and do more harm than good. A defective medical device can put your or a loved one’s life at risk. If you or a family member have been injured because of a faulty medical device, you should discuss your legal options with Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, LLP. We have experienced Morris medical device lawyers who will stand up for your rights.

Our firm is proud to help the citizens of Morris and the greater Illinois area get the justice they deserve. You put your trust in this device to provide you with the relief you needed and instead you are now faced with more hardship. This isn’t fair, and the negligent party should be held responsible for their actions.

We’re here to help you exercise your rights. While intimidation can factor into any kind of personal injury claim, having a skilled attorney at your side can eliminate that feeling. Our dedication drives us to thoroughly investigate what happened and fiercely fight for you when you’ve been wrongfully injured. We’ll do everything we can to get you a favorable result, either through settlement or jury verdict.

We understand how greatly a defective medical device can impact your health. Let’s look into what can happen when one of these devices causes injuries.

How a Faulty Medical Device Can Disrupt Your Life

The repercussions of a defective medical device can be severe. Before you encounter the medical device, you’re already seeking medical help for a problem. After the defective medical device injures you, it’s possible for it to:

  • Not correct your original problem
  • Worsen the original problem
  • Cause new health problems

Typically, the new health problems do not go away on their own. It could be an infection or an issue with an implant. In any case, you will need more medical treatment to rectify the faulty device’s damage. Your treatment could require taking new medication, having extensive testing and follow-up care or necessitate a corrective surgical procedure.

Fixing the problems the medical device caused will take time and money. For those who have already missed work because of their initial health problem, the stress of having to take more time to recover can be overwhelming. There’s also the cost of the medical bills for the treatment of the new injury or infection.

Having these expenses fall on you can be a lot to handle. You may be in a situation where you have to pick paying off these medical expenses or keeping up with your other financial responsibilities. Going into debt because of a defective medical device isn’t fair, and the injury shouldn’t have happened to you in the first place. That’s where our attorneys come in. We’ll help you stand up for your rights and pursue an action to cover these costs through settlement or jury verdict.

You may be wondering about the medical device that harmed you. Let’s look into situations where medical devices may be used and cause injuries.

What Are the Various Types of Medical Devices?

There are many circumstances where a medical device may be used. Here are some common situations where you may need the use of a device.

When you’re having a surgical procedure, the surgeon and their team will likely need many medical devices throughout the process. They may need tools to perform the surgery as well as medical equipment to measure your vitals and maintain your body temperature during the surgery.

If these devices fail, you could have serious health complications that the surgical team may need to immediately address.

There may be a chance the surgical procedure is for an implant. While the procedure may go according to plan, you may feel pain or discomfort following the procedure, or a new injury or infection could occur. When the implanted device is faulty, it could cause mild issues like limiting your range of motion or serious issues like endangering your life. If you or a loved one had one of the following implants and have experienced issues, get in touch with our lawyers in Morris:

  • IVC filters
  • INFUSE bone grafts
  • Hip replacements
  • Knee replacements
  • Transvaginal mesh

Medical devices don’t need to be involved in surgeries to be defective. For example, consider two forms of birth control: Mirena and NuvaRing. Mirena is an intrauterine device that a doctor can insert, whereas NuvaRing is something one can do by themselves. However, both have been the subject of product liability cases.

Defective medical devices can bring pain and suffering to your life. You can fight back with a dependable Morris lawyer.

Our Firm Can Bring Relief

You need someone at your side who is familiar with the product liability process and what you need to do to give your case its strongest chance of success. We’ll research your medical records and find how the device harmed you. Our lawyers will look out for your best interests and how to get you full and fair compensation. Call our firm today for an obligation-free consultation.

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