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Peru Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Cycling is a great way to get around on the roads of Northern Illinois, especially when the weather is warm. Many motorists, though, see cyclists as just a nuisance – and when they fail to share the road, serious accidents can follow. Car accidents involving cyclists can cause devastating injuries because a cyclist’s body has little protection.

Your bicycle accident may have happened in an instant, but the battle doesn’t end there. You’ll have to contend with medical bills, lost wages during your recovery and other expenses due to the accident. And you’ll be facing the insurance company representing the motorist who hurt you. Their priority is to limit their costs and protect their client, not to help you.

How Did Your Accident Happen?

Given the likelihood of serious bodily injuries, cases involving bicyclists hit by motor vehicles are usually high-stakes, and insurance companies will have teams of attorneys and adjusters on their side. With over 120 years of combined experience, we can level the playing field. Our Peru bicycle accident lawyers will interview witnesses, investigate the accident scene, carefully review police reports and medical records, retain experts, and build a strong case of negligence against the defendant driver.

We’ve been helping injured bicyclists in Illinois for decades, and we’d be honored to meet with you for a free consultation. Take control of your case. Call us to speak with an experienced injury attorney.

“Right Hook” collision

A “right hook” accident happens when a vehicle making a right turn hits a cyclist. Most commonly, these collisions happen when the driver of the car fails to check the bicycle lane to the right without turning. Crashes involving moving cars and moving bikes can lead to serious injuries. Our attorneys will look at the skid marks, interview any witnesses and comb through other evidence to prove that the driver who hit you was responsible for the accident.

“Left Hook” collision 

Most common in intersections, a “left hook” collision happens when a car turns left into the path of an oncoming bicycle. Motorists have a duty to yield to oncoming bikes just as they have a duty to yield to oncoming cars and trucks. If you’ve been hurt in a “left hook” accident, contact us today. We have the experience and resources to hold the negligent motorist accountable and get you the compensation you deserve.


A car door can be a serious hazard for a cyclist trying to pass a stopped car, especially if that car is blocking a bicycle lane and the cyclist needs to enter the main roadway. Drivers and passengers have a responsibility to check before opening their doors to make sure it can be done safely without interfering with moving traffic. After a “dooring” accident, you need an experienced attorney on your side as soon as possible.


By law, motorists are required to leave a reasonable amount of space between their vehicles and bicycles. When motorists don’t follow that law, there’s the risk of a deadly sideswipe accident. Once you retain us to handle your case, we’ll interview witnesses and look at any skid marks or other evidence showing that the motorist who hit you was driving unlawfully. If you’ve been knocked down, we’ll help you get back up.

Forced Off Road 

Not every bicycle accident is a collision. If you ended up in a ditch or hit an obstacle because you had to avoid a car that came too close, we can help. We’ll thoroughly investigate the accident. If the car that forced you off the road is found, we will hold the negligent driver accountable. If that can’t be done, we’ll explore your other legal options and work for you to get the care and compensation you need.

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